your leg bag

Fits on any

remote control.

Dual pumps and
a backup battery
for reliability.

Odor-free reservoir
only needs to be
emptied once a day.

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Welcome to the revolution!

Our Automatic Leg Bag Emptier & Reservoir System (ALBERS) finally sets you free from the burden of managing a full urinary leg bag. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the road, ALBERS automatically empties your leg bag into a sealed and hidden reservoir. Zero odor. Leak-free. And large enough to ensure that it won't need to be emptied until you transfer out of your chair at the end of the day.

No need to limit your fluid intake. No need to rely on others to empty your leg bag. No need to avoid living the more active independent life you deserve.

ALBERS will change your life and the lives of those who care for you.


What is ALBERS [and why do I need it]?


ALBERS automatically pumps the contents of your leg bag into a special storage container. Only after you've transitioned out of your chair at the end of the day will your caregiver need to empty that container.

Emptying a full leg bag isn't just an annoyance to be tolerated. A full leg bag that can't be promptly emptied can potentially create a medical emergency if it triggers autonomic dysreflexia. Making sure someone is available to help empty that bag is a constant concern that also leads to poor hydration habits and can severely restrict your independence.

ALBERS changes that forever. You no longer need to be concerned about whether your leg bag requires emptying. Never again will you worry about how or where the contents of that bag are to be disposed of. At user-set intervals. ALBERS will automatically activate the pump and transfer the available contents of your leg bag to the storage reservoir. (If your leg bag happens to be empty, ALBERS will quickly make that determination and instantly stop pumping to await the next scheduled activation.)

$575 + Shipping
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ALBERS is designed for real-world reliability. "What happens if...." is the question we asked from day one, and to ensure reliability we've provided solutions to virtually every point of possible system failure. For example, ALBERS incorporates two pumps instead of one. If a failure is detected in the first pump, the second is automatically activated to replace it (and an error message will appear on the display to alert your caregiver to the problem). What if the system fails to activate the pump at the scheduled interval or if the entire controller fails? ALBERS addresses this potential problem by providing a manually activated switch that directly connects the battery to both pumps. (You would simply press the button and your full leg bag would be emptied into the reservoir.) But what if the battery hadn't been charged and there was no power to operate the controller or the pump? ALBERS includes a separate 10-year battery to replace the rechargeable battery in an emergency. (Connecting the emergency battery requires the assistance of a third party, but the process is so simple that even a child can easily switch one battery for the other.)

Making the ALBERS reliable under challenging conditions was a fundamental design requirement; you deserve to have full confidence that our product will dependably deliver what it promises. That's why ALBERS comes with a 2-year warranty. And if something ever does go wrong, the modular design of ALBERS ensures that anyone who can use a screwdriver can fix the problem. We'll send you the needed parts by overnight delivery, and easy-to-follow instructions will empower virtually any caregiver to return the ALBERS to full working condition in a matter of minutes.

Our goal from the outset has been to change lives for the better in tangible and meaningful ways. Years ago, we introduced The PUMP--the first and only device to enable quadriplegics to empty their leg bags directly into a toilet or urinal without any assistance whatsoever. ALBERS builds on this earlier work and takes it to its logical conclusion. We know how liberating it will be when you are finally able to go where you want, do what you want, and never again have to think about the contents of your leg bag.

ALBERS. It really will change your life and the lives of those who care for you.

$575 + Shipping
...or if you prefer


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Yes! The ALBERS can be secured to virtually any powerchair with the included cam-lock straps. Those straps attach to the four swivel fittings mounted to the back of the ALBERS case and can be tightly secured to various powerchair structures. ALBERS has its own rechargeable power supply, so there is no need to engage with any electrical connections of your powerchair.

Dripless connectors are used to mate the drainage tube of your leg bag to a separate tube that leads to the ALBERS. A simple twist-to-connect (or twist-to-disconnect) makes the process easy and foolproof. ALBERS relies on Kent Systems and what we believe to be the best dripless connectors available anywhere.

The ALBERS Reservoir has a capacity of 3 liters. Normal urine output for an adult is between 0.5 cc/kg per hour and 1.5cc/kg per hour. Allowing for a maximum of 17 hours in the powerchair, and assuming a weight of 100 kg, the maximum urine output could total as much as 2.5 liters. (For reference, however, the average urine output for an adult over a 24-hour period is just 2 liters.) Under the “worst-case” scenario, the ALBERS Reservoir is sufficiently large to hold an entire day’s urine production while situated in the powerchair.

There is no odor from collected urine since the Reservoir is never vented to the atmosphere. The Reservoir begins use in a completely collapsed state and expands as urine is pumped into the Reservoir from the leg bag. Air never enters the system or escapes from the system. As a result, no urine odor is released while using ALBERS.

Trial and error may be the best approach, since everyone produces urine at different rates depending on a number of variables. By default, the ALBERS is set to empty your leg bag every 2 hours. Often there will be nothing to transfer to the Reservoir, but ALBERS is designed to sense the absence of fluid, and it will not allow a vacuum to be pulled on the leg bag or on a catheter to which the leg bag is connected.

The ALBERS battery can operate for 3-5 days without need of a recharge, although we advise connecting it to the charger every night for a top-up, just to be safe. The routine of making such a connection on a daily basis helps avoid any chance of allowing the battery to become fully discharged while the ALBERS is in use.

The small, yet powerful, 10-year battery is located in the zippered section of the ALBERS case lid. It includes a cable to which the battery terminals are attached. Once the battery has been snapped into place, unplug the rechargeable battery cable from the Controller and plug in the emergency battery. That’s it! You will have sufficient power to resume use of ALBERS until you can recharge the primary battery overnight.

Yes! Instead of paying the full price of the ALBERS, we offer Buy Now, Pay Later options. Here are the details: Buy Now, Pay Later.

Unfortunately, several years ago Medicare stopped paying for powerchair accessories, such as the ALBERS. Insurance, however, may be an option if your physician prescribes ALBERS as a means of treating urinary tract infections or avoiding possible autonomic dysreflexia. Check with your physician to see if insurance coverage may be an option. But for those without coverage benefits, remember BIOTX offers a Buy Now, Pay Later option, which may help make the cost easier to manage.

When it’s time to empty the Reservoir, disconnect the dripless fitting from the inlet tube and, using two hands, remove the Reservoir from the case. If the Reservoir is almost full, we recommend attaching the extension hose provided so that urine can be easily poured in the toilet through the end of that tube. (Be careful when attaching that extension tube because, once attached, fluid can flow freely. Make sure the open end of the tube is either already positioned over the toilet and pointed into the bowl or that the open end is raised far above the Reservoir so that fluid cannot easily escape until you are ready.) Alternatively, and especially if the volume is not too great, simply unscrew the cap of the Reservoir and carefully direct the contents into the toilet.

To clean and sanitize the ALBERS, first rinse the empty Reservoir with soapy water. Next, fill the included Rinse Kit Pouch with warm water to which the ALBERS Sanitizing Concentrate has been added. (Alternatively, a tablespoon of bleach may be used instead.) Connect the ALBERS inlet tube (previously connected to the leg bag) directly to the dripless fitting on the Rinse Kit Pouch. Reconnect the Reservoir (to the dripless connector of the outlet tube of the ALBERS pump). Press the SANITIZE button on the Controller. The pumps will activate and transfer the Rinse Kit Pouch fluid to the Reservoir. In the process, both pumps will be cleaned and sanitized. One final rinse of the Reservoir completes the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before reconnecting the leg bag to ALBERS, always remember to fully compress the Reservoir, removing as much air as possible. The easiest way to do that is to tighten the screw top cap of the Reservoir and attach the extension tube. This allows air within the Reservoir to be expelled as you compress and fold the Reservoir. Once fully compressed, remove the extension tube. This now seals the Reservoir. Finally, reconnect the Reservoir to the Controller and you are ready to reconnect the leg bag to the ALBERS inlet tube.

ALBERS is sold with a 2-year warranty against defects in manufacturing. Any parts that fail during this warranty period will be replaced at no charge other than the costs of shipping. However, if a Controller fails under warranty, BIOTX will also pay the costs of overnight shipping to the customer. (The customer will be responsible for the costs of returning the failed Controller.) For details of the warranty terms and conditions, see ALBERS Warranty.

Yes! Check out the ALBERS User Guide.

First, consult the User Guide for diagnostic and troubleshooting tips. If a pump requires replacement, we will send you a new pump with links to a video showing how easy it is to remove the bad pump and snap the new one into place. A Phillips-head screwdriver is the only tool required. If the circuit board needs to be replaced, we may ship you a new Controller unit in exchange for your returning the original Controller. The entire Controller snaps out/in without fasteners, and simple reconnection of the tubing, external switch, and battery cable is all that’s required to become fully operational again. We will provide a video demonstration of this simple process. No tools are required, although a standard blade screwdriver may be helpful in separating the Controller from the shelf to which it is attached. (Special hook/loop fasteners keep the Controller firmly in place, so releasing their grip may require prying the fasteners apart with the blade screwdriver!)

Yes! Check out this link for all available videos:ALBERS Video Library. We will be adding to and updating this list as time goes on.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions or problems using the ALBERS User Guide, contact us directly at ALBERS@biotx.ltd

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